04 February 2013

Not Everything.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

Does it occur to you that you can't have EVERYTHING you want in this world? Even if you have money, can you live forever? Exactly, no. 
Just a few minutes earlier i read one of my old friend blog, i startled. Amazed with where she is right now, with who she is and with what she have. In other words, jealousy is spreading inside me.
Can't help to think about how i used to underestimate and being pessimist to her, i felt terrible, awful and defeated. Make this a lesson to all, as it has been a lesson to myself too. I'm happy for her, i'm still grateful even though i don't have what i desire i'm not where i dreamed for, and i can't be with the one i adore the most. Takpelah, kata orang Allah s.w.t have a better plan for His every servants, we just have to find our trail and keep improving ourselves in and out.
I believe my best time have not yet to come, my good time has passed and this is the time i should repent and  take a good look at myself, fix myself than judging and put too much concern on somebody else.
Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah s.w.t that i still have time, YOU still have time too. Embrace your time and life, make it work.

22 November 2012

How to say this in clearer way..

I haven't stop thinking about you, about us. It doesn't matter how much we hurt, it matters more when we stay strong. I should have guessed this is going to happen.

I don't quite really understand why do we need to fall in love and share feelings. It hurts like hell when we got dumped. I mean why love is even exist to youngsters and teenagers? It should be in natures law to be required for married people only. We are so young to feel heartache and misery. I hate falling in love if it's only giving me all sorts of bullshits to deal with.

24 October 2012

Look how long time passed by, it's October already. I missed update something into September, no worries we'll meet again next year :) InsyaAllah.

So, Assalamualaikum dear readers. Hope you're enjoying each and every day of your life, good bad and even worst. I do. Have you ever heard or read a phrase about life is just like world's nature. Some days are cold, some days are hot, some are stormy and eventually some are just as peaceful as can be. But we get through it didn't we? and how bad the life can be when we still have our soul to live.

October, dear sweet loving October. The favorite month, for it's the month i were born into this world. 22nd October 1992. I enjoyed my days, especially my on my birthday a few days ago. So, i guess i should be very thankful, Alhamdulillah. One perfect word to say it all. It means Thank you Allah. Thank you for i have live a better life everyday and blessed by Your grace and love. Thank you for the family i have and all the leisure. I love my family and my loved ones. I pray so that everyone i love to live longer and prosper, and may everyone blessed.

So i wish you all a happy joyful October even it's spooky Halloween and whatsoever :) take care now.
Au revoir.                                                                                                          

22 August 2012

I miss being with you.

Have you ever wish you can hold on to a perfect moment like for forever? Wanted things not to change and stay there with a great feeling, never afraid to lose or to get hurt. well, i'm just saying tho. I miss those little things that put a smile on my face. I miss those giggles between us. I miss to lean on your shoulder and just let my mind flees, and how your hands perfectly fit like a puzzle with mine. I hope somehow you happen to miss me too, even a glimpse of me. Because mind don't lie, everything will eventually come after another. Take care.

22 July 2012

Greetings for Ramadhan.

Assalamualaikum to dear readers, this is actually the first time i'm updating about fasting month. Actually i don.t want to say a lot about Ramadhan, i just wanna wish to all Muslims happy fasting and stay astray from the negative things. This is a one time chance for us Muslims to perform our ibadah without the incitement of devils, if you tend to do bad things, it's the devil of inner you, your lust. Till then, don't waste time and try to collect pahala as much as you can :)

P/S: Enjoy your time with your family as much as you can coz i missed mine so much. Sort of..

14 July 2012

Here and still here.

How long has it been? 1 months? 2? It's been a while for sure here in Seri Iskandar. What can i tell you about this place. Ummm. Not too bored not too many excitements. There's a Tesco nearby and also a half an hour journey to Jusco Aeon. Still got no cinema. But it's a huge mall. There got MNG, Guess, Esprit and Cotton On as well. Not that i'm bragging about the branded stores and boutiques, my point is it's not a dead place and not that deserted. Okay, done with the places.

The first week, orientation week. Of course it's miserable! Tiring all day. Still can remember everything. 5.30 Iin the morning we're already in the mosque for Subuh, then late night at 1 morning we'll be allowed to go back to bed. Do you have any idea how long did we sleep for a day? Approximately 3-4 hours. I did skip some of the programs, i can't take it.So, bla bla bla. And when the first week of class session starts, i had fun. Get to know new classmates, get to know the new subjects. Not all are new, calc, physics and computer science are still there. Alhamdulillah i already learned most of the topics in matriculation, so it's not too hard for me to catch up for these subjects. The new subject is land survey, and trust me it's not that easy. And Science Geomatic is not only about "ukur jalan" like most people defined it.

It's actually more than measuring the road or measuring whatsoever, you'll be surprise when you know about this course. There'll be about astronomy, computer software, sea bed contour, high ground, lower ground, and lot's of outdoors pracs that you will love if you love to be outdoor and play with the sun. Haha. As for me, i prefer to have this way than studying like a total nerd in the classroom :)

So, that's is all a little much about what i do and where i do it. I hope i've given enough updates. Sorry, no photos for a while. Till then, may Allah blessings be with you and Salam.

27 May 2012


As days goes by, i feel much more excited. But there's always something that bothers me. Yeah, pretty much upsetting. Could i handle it? Well, frankly i handle with tears. Lots of tears after prayers. Hard to believe? Well, Allah knows.
I couldn't understand why they are still pointing at me. Blaming this and that. Can't everyone that involves should be blamed too? I hate whining about this all over again. This is a huge distraction for me to stay focus on what i should be doing. It totally rips  my heart out. I'm breaking emotionally. I HATE BEING UPSET. Everybody does.
You treat me like i don't have feelings, so how could you expect me to respect you again? You've done that before to someone else, so why shouldn't i? You just got hit by karma.

19 May 2012

Pola Pola Polaroid

Hello there, Assalamualaikum. I'm currently over excited to post about this Polaroid thingy. I know it's an old stuff, but.. nevermind. I just love love and freakin love this camera! It's nostalgic and different. And the film image that was generated through the camera, it fascinates me :) I'm thinking about buying it next month, or it would be sooooo nice and wonderful to have it as a gift from someone. Lol

Lovely, isn't it?

Here, some of the vintage and old type of Polaroid cameras. 

Lastly, tadaaaaaaaaa! I want this exact Polaroid camera! If it's possible to have it.
Omeiii angat angat kaler dia. winkwink ;D tp yg ni dah sold -..- kene cari lain.